Flags To Watch For When Dating Women

So you're dating a woman you really like and even your friends and family adore her, but then things start to go awry. You find yourself getting into arguments and it keeps getting worst. If things don't seem to be going right, spot the red flags early on so you can work towards a solution or end it before someone gets hurt. Before you start dating have a clear vision of who you want to be with and a realistic picture of where you are.

13 Red Flags To Watch Out For:

  1. She criticizes you

  2. She treats you with contempt

  3. She gets very defensive

  4. She stonewalls you

  5. She has different cleaning habits

  6. She constantly needs reassurance/validation

  7. She's a one-upper and a drama queen

  8. She's friends with exes and speaks to a recent ex regularly

  9. She doesn't value growth

  10. She doesn't add value to your life

  11. She always has bad things to say about other people

  12. She plays games with you

  13. She's using you to cheat on her partner

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