Daily Simple Mindfulness Practices

When doing dishes or loading the dishwater, sweeping the floor, folding laundry, washing your car, dusting, or vacuuming do it with mindfulness. Be fully present and focus on the activity at hand. Pay attention 100% so you aren't thinking about what to do next, what you did earlier or yesterday. Don't try, just do it. Replace "I will try to"...with "I will..."

Try not playing any background music or audio. If you're washing dishes, notice how the plate, water, and dish soap feels on your hand. How's the temperature of the water? Is it hot, cold, or lukewarm? How does the water feel on your hands, is the sink faucet spraying really hard? Or is it gentle? Can kind of stuff do you feel on the plate? What's the texture like? Can you describe it in words? What sounds do you hear as the water hits the sink, your hands, and dishes? What do you see as you are washing dishes? Are you looking into your yard or the dishes in front of you?

With a vacuum cleaner, notice how light or how heavy the weight of it is. What kind of noise does it make? What does your vacuum cleaner look like? Color? Shape? What does the floor look like as you run the vacuum over it? Do you notice how the ground underneath your feet feels as you move forward and backward?

There's no target date with this. Keep doing it until you feel comfortable just being present with what you are doing instead of having the urge to multitask.

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